A name some may recognize from his contribution to John Talabot’s DJ-Kicks mix from last year, British producer Pye Corner Audio will release a split LP alongside London’s Not Waving in June. Set to appear on the Ecstatic label, the upcoming Intercepts album will feature four productions from each artist. Said to take much of its inspiration from “the world of espionage,” the eight-track LP will offer a variety of electronic forms across its run including “dreamlike industrial techno, impressionist synth burbles, fragmented post-modern ambient, and cosmic sci-fi adventure.”

Before the pair’s split LP sees an official release on June 14, a contribution from each producer—Pye Corner Audio’s “Perfect Secrecy Forever” and Not Waving’s “Protect the Revolution”—can be streamed below, where Intercepts‘ full tracklist has also been included.

Pye Corner Audio
01 Perfect Secrecy Forever
02 Twisted Wire Pair
03 Shared Secret Key
04 One Time Pad

Not Waving
01 Protect the Revolution
02 Two-Way Mirror
03 Enemies Of The People
04 Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel