Amsterdam label Konstrukt will issue a split EP featuring Cassegrain and Sendai on January 15.

01 Cassegrain “Kor”
02 Cassegrain “Katran”
03 Sendai “Antennaed”
04 Sendai “Other_Etcs”

Ahead of the EPs release,we have questions for Cassegrain and Sendai, with snippets available to stream below.

As Konstrukt is also a party series, you played a three hour set alongside co-label owner Doka at his Studio 80 event last October. How did your relationship begin with the label and how did you end up on a split with Sendai?
Doka booked us a couple years ago to play in Amsterdam so this was our first contact. He approached us about being involved in their new label earlier this year alongside some very interesting artists. After hearing the suggestion of the split record with Sendai we thought it was a great idea. We made the two tracks in a weekend specifically for this project.

You guys released your first full length album last year on Prologue which was a great accomplishment. You are also working separately on your own solo projects; how do you find the time to separate your work? Do you find it easy to meld together creatively when need be?
We slowed down a bit after the album, focused on remixes, our collaboration with Tin Man and our upcoming solo projects. So our working time was more compartmentalized this year. It’s kind of the opposite right now, getting more to the point where we have everything on the go at once. Main point being, we’re writing new material as Cassegrain again. It’ll be interesting to see where things go. Although we toured more than ever this year, it’s been our first year since being together that we’ve had our attention elsewhere production-wise.

We also had some questions for Sendai:

You played an extra special two-hour live set at a Konstrukt event during this past ADE. The room was dark and there was a chilling ambiance with people seated giving their full attention. Do you think your live sets are representative of the material you produce together for EPs? Does it depend on your mood or the energy from the crowd?
The material is not really representative, because we usually play abstractions of our tracks. And our mood doesn’t have that much impact on the live sets. The energy from the crowd makes it either a very pleasant or a very annoying experience, but it doesn’t have any effect on out set.

Do you think that your tracks for this release are characteristic of the direction you want to go in musically in 2016?
Hard to say, we don’t really plan ahead when it comes down to creative issues. We only care about going forward forward, and that’s regardless of style or genre.