Bolstered by the unshakable body of work behind it, Brooklyn-born Berlin-based techno label Chronicle has reached its milestone tenth release–and, at such a point, it pays to make a strong, defiant statement of intent, toasting to what the label has been about so far. To mark the occasion, the label will release the Consider This A Warning compilation.

Consider This A Warning is a fitting title for a salvo of sounds that sets the tone for where Chronicle will head in its coming chapters. This compilation reaches out to a swathe of tempos and intensities without ever losing that haunting spark that has shaped out the label to date. Each artist on the compilation has a distinct identity, but they all strive to push techno into unexplored realms, placing the emphasis on atmosphere and psychological impact.

Ahead of the compilation’s October 30 release, XLR8R spoke with label-head Lenny Posso to learn more about the comp, Thema’s upcoming 10th anniversary and his recent relocation to Berlin.

Vinyl Tracklisting:
A1. Arnaud Le Texier – Nebulous
A2. Ben Gibson – Aida
B1. Staffan Llinzatti – Silence
B2. Hironori Takahashi – Bazeru
C1. Echoplex – 2ndndary Forcefield
C2. Aiken – Flux
D1. Zadig – In The Abyss Of Time
D2. Unknown Artist – For All Man Kind ( Vinyl only Bonus Track)

Bonus tracks on CD:
Bonus tracks on CD:
1. Imugem Orihasam – Tame Pogn
2. Mike Storm – Human Spaceflight
3. Ben Gibson – Red Lapses
4. Arnaud Le Texier – Program
5. Staffan Linzatti – From This World
6. Staffan Linzatti – Emissions

This is Chronicle’s tenth release—what is the concept behind Consider This A Warning and how did you go about selecting the artists and title for the compilation?
Yes, after four years we are hitting the tenth release—and in some ways this was the year of the milestone for us. Thema hit its 40th release earlier in the year; Thema Digital has made it to it’s 30th drop and Chronicle is now on its 10th. Hitting these milestones was a personal goal for me and for all three of them to hit on the same year made it obvious that it was a point of transition for the labels as well as myself. It helped me to make my final decision to move overseas. It became apparent that it would be very difficult for me to raise the labels and myself to the next level with me living in NYC. I chose to leave my design job and come to Berlin. The move allows me to focus more on the labels, label nights—and easier to line up promising and exciting releases on all imprints. But regarding the compilation, its concept and its title: Its really about transitions, these milestones and my move over here. The title is a statement of all that combined, getting all these artists on one project, with me now being based in Berlin and hitting the tenth release. This compilation is a collection of all the artists who have contributed before as well as some newcomers who will soon to release with us. I also felt it was a good time to get the gang together and show them what we’re all about!

I would also like to note that this will be the first time that Chronicle has a digital/CD component. The label has been a vinyl only label to date, but we decided to release this project and some tracks off of our early catalog soon.

Thema also marks its tenth anniversary next year. What’s the plan for the two labels going forward?
I can’t believe it’s already been ten years! I’m very excited for it and we are planning some big events with many of the artists, and friends of the label. I plan to do nights next summer 2016 in Berlin, NYC, and hopefully Paris and Tokyo. I’d say with many of the key players from the Strength In Numbers compilation, such as Norm Talley, Mr. G, Oskar Offermann, Ark, Suburb, and more.

As for the direction of the labels, I know we will continue to move in full stead with releases lined up for months. The slow manufacturing is definitely affecting us as well as many others. I hope this problem is resolved very soon—or we might try and invest in our own pressing machine. I started Chronicle as the techno extension of Thema. Thema will become more house, but with some techno as well—let’s just say full spectrum for Thema but leaning more towards the house vein and more focused on futuristic sci-fi techno for Chronicle. Upcoming artists are D’Marc Cantu, Myles Sergé, A&S, Dave Aju, Elbee Bad, Mike Storm and Echoplex. We are very much looking forward to the next chapter of the labels.

There is talk of a third label for more ambient/experimental left field musical expressions down the road. I already have a name for it.

You’ve just moved from New York to Berlin—what does that mean for your immediate future as a label owner & DJ?
I had planned to move overseas for some time, especially after playing more regularly–and seeing the response of the labels, the artists and a very welcoming response to myself as a DJ. So I recently transitioned from Brooklyn to Neukölln, Berlin to spend some time here and focus more on the labels and getting integrated into the EU circuit. I’m very keen to establish a few residencies throughout EU for the labels. That is part of the reason I am out here. I know that there is a better supporting infrastructure for this music than in the US. I felt it was time to make the move; Berlin was the obvious choice. My short-term goals are just to experience this great part of the world, and to meet as many people who are into what I/we are doing. I want to connect with them and the scene in their part of the world.