Darren Roberts (a.k.a. Deepbass) is set to release his new EP Alto today, which comes with three remixes from Aegis, Reggy van Oers and Ness.

The second release on Lanthan Audio, established earlier this year with an EP by Edit Select, is by Glaswegian techno producer Deepbass. The title track, which is accompanied by three different remixes (by Aegis, Reggy van Oers and Ness), is a typical example of the producer’s signature atmospheric style.

You can exclusively stream the full EP below. It is available to purchase here at Bandcamp.

Ahead of the release, we caught up with label boss, Christian Gerlach.

After Lanthan Audio’s first EP back in August, which was made up of remixes of an Edit Select track by Mike Parker and Claudio PRC, and this new Deepbass EP, it seems like the label is focused around collaborations. Can you explain your vision for Lanthan.audio?
At first it was very important for me to show how the label would develop, which is why we decided to pursue collaborative EPs. I am a real music enthusiast and if one thing is maybe better for me than great music, it is the cooperation between the people behind it. When the artists know each other well, it is great to see what can happen when they come together to work on the same music.

How do you choose the artists involved?
I always felt a great respect for Tony Scott (a.k.a. Edit Select)—we played some shows together, and my first impressions of him were confirmed. I managed to convince him to get involved by presenting him with the possibility of remixes by Mike Parker and Claudio PRC.

For me, whether the artist is passionate about their music is the most important thing. I like honest people with honest stories, those who worked very hard to get where they are.

Whats in store for Lanthan.audio in the future?
Our third release is set for early January next year, by Brendon Moeller under his Echologist moniker, with remixes by Deepbass and Antonio Ruscito. I am very satisfied with this release, and looking forward to delivering more great music soon!