Following the release of the Extraction and Hydraulic Pressure 12”s earlier this year, Adventice—the incendiary collaboration between DJ Deep and Roman Poncet—returns to Tresor. Unfolding in three different versions around a common theme, as per its two predecessors, Exsurgence takes the groove up quite a few notches with a main mix, reduced mix, and a percussive mix. The release is available right now digitally.

Exsurgence which will be out October 19 on Tresor and will be your third EP on the legendary Berlin label Tresor as the duo Adventice. How did you both meet and what sparked the collaboration? How have your separate musical backgrounds influenced this new project?

We first met when Roman handed me some music for a possible release on Deeply Rooted. I was really impressed with the quality of Roman’s music and the massive quantity of works he sent over. Roman kindly invited me to his studio so we could try some things together. We had fun and then we slowly defined a few projects we wanted to release under different aliases. An interesting mix happens between our shared passion for music, Roman’s talent and production skills, as well as our different tastes for a broad range of musical genres.

All of your track titles so far refer to types of industrial actions, like “Extraction Force,” “Hydraulic Pump” and now most currently, “Exsurgence” for example. What has influenced this trend? How do the titles add meaning to the music?

The idea when producing the different Adventice records is to clearly convey a heavy industrial feel, while still keeping a certain organic touch. We therefore looked for titles that reflected this combination—heavy “industry” developed through human knowledge, culture, and technology, sometimes necessarily confronted to the forces of nature.

How did Adventice find a home on Tresor Records? Do you have plans to release on other labels as well?

We have a great ongoing relationship with the Tresor club and Tresor Records. The great team there always knows how to share good advice with us.