Reggy van Oers has announced plans for his new Telemorph imprint. The label unfolds with the first EP as a collaboration between Claudio PRC & Reggy van Oers himself with FIELD. Even though Reggy has released previously on The God’s Planet (the label of Claudio PRC and Ness) this will be their first collaboration together.

In advance of the EP’s October 9 release, XLR8R spoke with Reggy to learn more about the label.

The label is born out of desire to collaborate—but what in a collaboration do you find most inspiring? 
On the label, I will have a special space for collaborations, but next to this release there will also be solo EP’s from different artists. Depending on who I work with, I have noticed that collaborations with other artists makes me think “outside of the box.”

What was your first collaboration and how did it change your vision?
My first collaboration was with Dubit which was released on Several Reasons. This EP was remixed by Giorgio Gigli and Mynude. Dubit is an inspiring experimental artist; the different approach we had in recording sounds surprisingly brought us a very organic way of working. His vision met my minimalistic atmospheric view, which has led to a very coherent project. Overall, I think, the live recordings we did, touched me the most and were, for us, a big part of the end result.

Who do you wish to collaborate with the most?
Each and every artist I have worked with is very special to me. I have new collaborations coming up and I am really looking forward to sharing these projects to everyone that is willing to absorb the sound that Telemorph will bring.