Sebastian Mullaert, best known for his work as one part of Minilogue, has announced his latest EP You’re An Orchestra in the Cosmos, which will be released via Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal’s Green imprint.

Since the early noughties, Swedish producer Sebastian Mullaert has turned his hand to a variety of different electronic styles and projects, making a name for himself alongside Marcus Henriksson as Minilogue. As ever, his latest release, You’re An Orchestra in the Cosmos, promises great variety, with four different versions of the title track — two remixes by himself (the trippy Blinkarp dub, plus a spacy Wa Wu We remix), as well as a peak time interpretation by label boss Joris Voorn.

For more of an idea about Sebastian’s style, check out the recent podcast he did for us. Ahead of the release, we had a few questions for him:

This is the first release you’ve put out on Joris Voorn’s label, which includes a one original as well as a remix by label boss himself, plus three versions from your personal psyche. How did your collaboration with Joris Voorn begin?
We have known each other for many years, and I always share my new releases with Joris as he likes what I’m doing. This spring I sent my first demo to him, and as we can see now, it was a good match!

After Minilogue, you started working under your own name, as well as Wa Wu We — can you please describe your vision for each alias?
As I’m behind both projects, naturally there is the Sebastian flavour in them. For the stuff I do as Sebastian Mullaert, I don’t have an exact agenda. With Wa Wu We, there are two things that drive the musical output — meditative and hypnotic effects, as well as mixing that is a bit off and different. A lot of Wa Wu We stuff I make is on the edge of being too off to release, but it’s a nice place to walk around and explore this borderline.

Can you give us one adjective to describe each track on the release?
For the original, I would say “jazzydelic,” and for the Blinkarp dub it has to be “mysticism.” To describe my Wa Wu We rework, let’s say “flow,” and finally the Joris remix — “epic!”

You can pre-order the EP at Juno and Decks. Check out more of Sebastian’s work at his Soundcloud.