Following a period of personal growth and his work on his own Zooloft Records imprint, Giorgio Gigli is scheduled to release his debut album, entitled The Right Place Where Not to Be.

The album, which is scheduled for release via Speedy J‘s Electric Deluxe label, explores sophisticated ambient layers as much as obsessive and hypnotic techno landscapes.

The album takes its outset in a scenario where all human life-forms have perished, and only plants and minerals have survived. Gigli performs that concept by writing an ultra-detailed soundtrack to an imaginary movie, using rich textures that reveal new acoustics, enhanced by alienating atmospheres that captivate the listener.


Ø1 / Ø. Il futuro è solo un ricordo di uno stupendo passato (Everything Begins Here)
A1 / 1. Last Frame of Myself
A2 / 2. Surrounded
B1 / 3. Eve of Destruction
B2 / 4. Nocturne
C1 / 5. The Silence Was Infinite
C2 / 6. Through Leaden Clouds
D1 / 7. Shades of Depth

Ahead of the album’s October 23 release, XLR8R spoke with Giorgio Gigli to learn more about the release, with the opening track streamable in full below.

What inspired you to record your first album, and what’s the connection between the record’s title and the music itself?
It took me more than two years to get to the end of it. It has been a long process because I really wanted to give a real identity to this project.
The title The Right Place Where Not to Be gives the idea that we are in a place where it would be much better not to be. In this particular case, I am talking about our planet at an unspecified future time, where humans have taken the planet to the point its collapse by taking advantage of it and its resources. The music wants to be the soundtrack of the Earth, with no human beings involved, where the only things to survive are the animals and minerals.

The album is your third release on Electric Deluxe. Compared with these other releases, it is much more introverted sound. Is there a connection with your previous releases on the label?
There’s no greater connection between my previous releases on EDLX really. My previous singles from the past years represent my kind of sound with a techno approach. The Right Place Where Not to Be is more of a soundtrack—a listening record. It’s much more introspective.

How did your connection with Speedy J begin?
It was actually really spontaneous. A few years ago we’d been emailing each other. I sent him some projects and, after he listened to them, he asked me if I would like to do something on the label. The most important thing to me is that we started a very good friendship.

Together with Obtane, you co-founded the Zooloft imprint that released its most recent release back in 2012. Why did you decide to discontinue the label?
I worked together with Obtane for five years and we did have great satisfaction with that label. At one point, we just felt that we had said all what we had to say and therefore we decided to take our different ways. Now he’s producing as Violet Poison. After many years we decided to collaborate in the studio again and soon a new record titled The Long Decline will be out on his label.