Stones Throw and Kid Robot generally wind up in XLR8R‘s annual Christmas gift guide, but both parties were surprisingly absent in the 2008 roundup. The reason: they were apparently holding out on us for February, as the indie hip-hop imprint and collectible toy company, respectively, have teamed up for the release of a vinyl Quasimoto figure.

Quas, it’s commonly known, is a creation of Madlib’s overactive mind that was drawn by artist Jeff Jank. The anthropomorphic yellow being has, according to Stones Throw, released two albums, The Unseen and The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, some singles, and can be found popping up on various tracks by Jaylib and Madvillain. He also has cigarette hanging from his mouth perpetually.

Kid Robot and Stones Throw created a vinyl version of the label’s resident Lord, which will be sold at the Stones Throw site and at Kid Robot retailers. Limited pre-sale editions—priced at $49.95—are currently available online and will ship February 19. Quas might be known most commonly in his yellow form, but you can order a blue version as well. Cigarette (and a brick) included with both.