An homage to their love of vintage movie soundtracks, Quiet Village‘s new full-length is an assault of complex string arrangements, funked-out rhythms, programmed beats, and dreamy, downtempo melodies, all of which make for 12 tracks of some not-so-quiet music.

With the album safely under their belts, Joel Martin and Matt Edwards will hit the road for a handful of dates that kick off tomorrow. Performances include a spot on the bill at this year’s MUTEK festival and an S.F. show where Matt Edwards will appear under his Radio Slave guise.

Silent Movie Tracklisting
01 Victoria’s Secret
02 Circus of Horror
03 Free Rider
04 Too High to Move
05 Pacific Rhythm
06 Broken Promises
07 Pillow Talk
08 Can’t Be Beat
09 Gold Rush
10 Singing Sand
11 Utopia
12 Keep On Rolling

Tour Dates
05/30 Washington, DC: Eighteenth Street Lounge
05/31 Montreal, QC: MUTEK
06/02 New York, NY: Cielo
06/04 Seattle, WA: Nectar
06/05 San Diego, CA: Universal Hilcrest
06/07 San Francisco, CA: The Endup*
06/08 Los Angeles, CA: Elevate

* = Matt Edwards as Radio Slave