According to sources, it might be the end of things for James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem outfit. According to an interview guitarist Al Doyle gave BBC 6Music, the band could be on permanent hold. “I don’t think James is going to do anything more under that name,” Doyle stated.

He also referenced future projects they might collaborate on, saying “we were thinking of doing something where we find a lot of old disco singers in New York that might still be around from the ’70s, and get them in as guest vocalists… God knows if we’ll make it happen.”

Murphy recently announced plans to start a “rock” band with fellow LCD member Pat Mahoney and Hockey Night members Paul Sprangers and Scott Wells. Material is rumored for release sometime next year, so, regardless of whether or not we ever get another disc bearing the LCD moniker, this is surely not the last of Murphy et al (via Drowned in Sound).

Photo By Dustin Ross.