R-Zone—the Dutch collective and imprint recently featured on XLR8R as part of our Labels We Love series—will close out 2014 with not one but two new EPs. First up, R-Zone 12 reportedly takes its cues from ’90s-era UK, with five tracks geared toward devotees of old-school, hardcore, and rave. Set to arrive on the same day, R-Zone 14 is said to offer three additional left-of-center dancefloor cuts, rife with “raw textures, unfamiliar patterns, subtle, buried deep drums, and dirty, sleazy grooves that sound broken.”

Both R-Zone 12 and R-Zone 14 will see an official release on December 15. Selections from both 12″s can be heard below, where we’ve also posted their respective tracklists.

R-Zone 12
1. Beginning of Life
2. Hardcore Track
3. 321
4. Red Rave #1
5. Red Rave #2

R-Zone 14
1. You Wear the Mask of the Beast
2. Salt Volatile This Sucka
3. Arrowhead