American music producer and composer Rabit will soon present Life After Death, his third full-length album. 

The album was recorded in home studios in Houston, Texas and Paris, France, and is the culmination of two years’ worth of experiments in various forms of synthesis. Like last year’s Les Fleurs Du Mal, the new album marks a “further advancement” in the development of his own musical language. 

We’re told that inspiration comes from surrealist art to DJ Screw, Enigma, and Japanese ambient artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura, and that the album has an “exploratory, transcendental core.” The project’s artwork—a cut up mandala—can be seen as a reflection of the artist’s “kaleidoscopic approach” to the release. The label describes it as “alchemical, mysterious, and utterly captivating—yet also futuristic.” It removes Rabit further from his early work for labels like Tri Angle by building himself a “lighter more dreamlike universe.” 

Life After Death features guest production from Halcyon Veil artist IVVVO, with mastering by Matt Colton, and original artwork by Christian Velasquez. The album will be available on vinyl and digital formats on October 5 on Halcyon Veil. Meanwhile, you can stream “Rabit – III” via the player below.