Violet’s Rádio Quântica has released a free compilation to celebrate its fourth anniversary.

What started in November 2015 as an online radio station with around 70 people broadcasting from their homes has become a diverse community of more than 150 broadcasters with a studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 24 artists who feature on the compilation broadcast on Quântica regularly, including Violet, Photonz, and BLEID, who compiled the project. DIOGO, Maloka, Odete, Prec, Shcuro, Vandi, and more also all feature.

The compilation is free to download, but any donations will go towards helping the Lisbon studio run smoothly and creating better conditions for broadcasters.

Artwork comes from Daniel Pereira.

For more information on Violet, listen to her podcast here. Meanwhile, you can tune in to Rádio Quântica HERE.


01. BLEID “sdrawkcaB”
02.CITIZEN:KANE “Quiet Sunday”
04. DJ Taxila “Raja Rajathi” (Tropical Disease edit)
05. Dust Devices “Pulses”
06. Enkō “Muirre”
07. fabaitos “unpleasant”
08. JOAN ジョアン “Air 17:28”
09. Maloka “Caboclo Pedra Branca” (Edit)
10. Luar Domatrix “Ican See”
11. Odete “MEDO”
12. Perséphone “Océan”
13. peterr “Quantic Sleep”
14. Photonz “Hostile AI Environment”
15. Prec “Sleeping Pisces”
16. ps “Finding A Broken Heart Piece Underneath Your Soul”
17. Roundhouse Kick “Neurogénese”
18. Shcuro “Refraction”
19. Slug Beetle “Batalyaws”
20. Stasya “Crise do Pastor”
21. TBMKR “45”
22. Vandi “Fox Chase”
23. Violet “Third Eye”
24. Y.L.S. “8500”

IV is available here.