Since launching their club night Secousse in London back in 2008, the members of Radioclit have been championing dance music from all over Africa and bringing it with them around the world. Now Brussels’ Crammed Discs will be releasing a collection of “Club Secousse Anthems” hand-picked by Radioclit. Radioclit (also two thirds of Afro-electro outfit The Very Best) began the Club Secousse night as a way to energize what they felt was a stagnant and divided music culture by bringing music from the local ghetto scenes around the world to the clubs of London and France. Now, two years after its inception, they have chosen 14 tracks they feel “represent everything we love about ghetto culture: the ability to create something with nothing, the energy, the positivity.” Oh, and don’t forget the part about the dancing! Radioclit Present: The Sound of Club Secousse will be available worldwide on October 19.

1. Bab Lee ‘Sous Les Cocotiers’ (Ivory Coast)
2. Batida Feat Bras Firmino ‘Nufeko Disole’ (Portugal/Angola)
3. The Very Best Feat Mo Laudi ‘Angonde’ (Remix) (Malawi/South Africa/Sweden)
4. Janka Nabay ‘To Ma Ya’ (Sierra Leone)
5. Lutchiana ‘Eki Bis’ (Congo)
6. Luky Gomes ‘Zeze E Toto’ (Remix) (Angola)
7. Magic System ‘Petit Pompier’ (Ivory Coast)
8. DJ Serpent Noir ‘La Go Attoto’ (Ivory Coast)
9. Puto Prata ‘Zuata Zuata’ (Angola)
10. Jusa Dementor ‘African Air Horn Dance’ (Zimbabwe)
11. DJ Vielo, Dj Anielson And Patcho Debenq ‘Decale Mon Afrique’ (Cabo Verde/France)
12. Naty Kid ‘Sereia’ (Cabo Verde)
13. Ize ‘Tronku Di Mundo’ (Cabo Verde/France)
14. Tshetsha Boys Feat Vuyelwa ‘Mosemana Wa Dikgomo’ (South Africa)