NY-based producer and composer Rafael Anton Irisarri will continue his string of post-minimalist releases with his third for Mexico City label Umor Rex, titled El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente

Irisarri is a prolific audio engineer and collaborator, having worked with everyone from Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto to Julianna Barwick, Grouper, and Telefon Tel Aviv. Most recently, Irisarri co-produced Steve Hauschildt’s Dissolvi and Strands. He has released on labels Ghostly International, Morr Music, and Touch, among others. He last appeared on Umor Rex with earlier this year with his Sirimiri LP. 

El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente is composed as an ode to an overnight train journey through Spain that Irisarri took many years ago, and picks up sonically where his Sirimiri LP left off. Irisarri focuses on deploying sonic cycles throughout these four shorter pieces, basing much of this sweeping ambience around looped sounds and distant pulses. The sound is, however, kept in a state of forward motion and constant evolution, invoking the slowly rumbling night train that inspired it, not to mention its cargo of misfits and travellers. 

We’re told that Irisarri’s music “hasn’t sounded as hopeful as it does on El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente for quite some time.” 

As with Sirimiri, it’s Irisarri’s intention that the El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente’s songs play out as one long repetition, and thus the label includes again a bonus track comprising the full 22-minute loop.


01. Transeúntes

02. Un Saltador

03. El Espectro Electromagnético

04. La Chica De Valladolid

El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente will land on September 28.