Though London beatsmith Benjamin Stefanski (a.k.a. Raffertie) has been steadily releasing EPs since signing to Ninja Tune two years ago, his forthcoming EP, Build Me Up (artwork above), finds the producer shifting focus, showcasing his talents as both vocalist and pianist. Incredibly enough, the slow and emotive “Build Me Up,” the title track and opener to the record, has some likening it to a rendering of Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover.” Simply put, it’s a noticeable transition from Stefanski’s previous synth-driven work, which was mostly marked by frantic, space-age noodling. Stream “Build Me Up” here, and look below for the complete tracklist and audio clips of the entire EP. Build Me Up officially drops on May 20.

1. Build Me Up
2. Benediction
3. Trust
4. Known