Asthmatic Kitty fans will recall that not so long ago, San Diego-based producer Rafter premiered a new, original MP3 everyday for 22 days, each with a corresponding piece of artwork by photographer Lizeth Santos.

Rafter has now gathered a select handful of these tracks together for the Sweaty Magic EP, due out September 9. According to the man himself, the new release is “all about the overwhelming rad feeling of going out dancing with my hot fiancee–techno, Prince, electro, hip-hop–sweating and smiling on the dancefloor.” Presumably, it’s also about the manic intensity of producing a track everyday for over three weeks straight, which would drive any sane producer (except Madlib, maybe) a little crazy.

Rafter will meanwhile play a couple of shows at the beginning of June. Dates listed below.

Sweaty Magic Tracklisting
1. Salt
2. Noise
3. Magic
4. Juicy
5. Sassy
6. Sweat
7. Heat

Show Dates
06/07 Chicago, IL: Ribfest!
06/11 San Diego, CA: Whistlestop Bar

Photo by Lizeth Santos.