Jacob Gilman—Rah Zen—is back with Upon The Apex, his second album for Dome of Doom, scheduled to release across limited edition cassette and digital formats worldwide on July 12.

Upon The Apex parallels a series of travels to the deserts of Arizona, the cities and landscapes of Israel, and a cross-country road trip from Gilman’s hometown, Boston, to Los Angeles and back via the southern route. The result is an “audacious and rewarding saga in instrumental form,” the label explains. 

Recordings began in the summer of 2017, months before the release of the Boston artist’s debut album, Midnight Satori.  It’s said to bridge his love for the structural resonance of boom bap and the experimental edges of electronic. Samples lace the entire record—film interludes, vocal chops, instrument loops—and it features contributions from Kadeem, Dirty Merlin, CLYDE, Dephrase, and Tel Aviv’s 3Deity.  

The album cover was shot in New Mexico at the White Sands National Monument, capturing Gilman in the spacious setting during his travels along the States’ southern region. It’s a reflection of the expansive nature of the music, intertwined into the experiences of being on the road and what led to the final shaping of the record. 

Upon The Apex lands July 12 across various streaming platforms and retailers, with pre-order here. Meanwhile, you can stream opener “Ritual” below, alongside a quote on the track. 

“‘Upon the Apex’ begins with a call out to the energies of the highest plane. The track confronts the journey, the pain, the joys, and the excitement of what’s to come while charging forward into another day. The gritty guitar and ceremonious chants signify the intense passion and intention put into the ritual of creating beats and pursuing my ambitions. It’s the blast onto higher ground, the jump to the apex’s entrance. ‘Ritual’ represents all the things I do in my day that feel personal, sacred, and essential to my livelihood.” Rah Zen 


01. Ritual

02. Godspeed

03. Amen Rah

04. Incandescent (feat. 3Deity)

05. Ka Pow!

06. Snake Charmer

07. Ancestor’s Call

08. New Beginnings (feat. Kadeem)

09. Moonraker (feat. CLYDE)

10. Giant’s Arm (feat. 3Deity & Dirty Merlin)

11. Transmissions

12. Angels

13. Earthbound (feat. Dephrase)

14. Magnetism