Photo | Bram Petraeus

Raime have released a new EP on their RR label.

Planted is an EP of ice cold mutations of afro-beats, footwork, and jungle. Where the London duo’s 2018 EP We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning, their RR debut, evoked a meditative mood, Planted rejoins the dance with four tracks that acknowledge strong influence from Latin American and Chicago footwork styles in a mutation of hardcore British dance music.

The EP continues with the same conceptual theme as their earlier work by exploring the digital subconscious with persistently invasive, alien ambient shrapnel—expect “half-heard voices, aleatoric prangs, and tag-covered signposts,” all woven into their tightly coiled and reflexive drum programming.

Raime’s latest EP, Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me?, came last year on Mumdance and Logo’s Different Circles.

Pressings of the EP are limited to 500 copies.


01. Num
02. Ripli
03. Kella
04. Belly

Planted EP is out today, with “Num” streaming below.