Raime have released a new jungle mixtape, available now via Reel Torque, titled If This Is A Dream, I Don’t Ever Want To Wake Up.

The release follows up the U.K. duo’s crucial dancehall mix of 2017, Our Versions of Their Versions, and finds them returning to the apex of mid-’90s jungle, when the genre emerged in its classic form after the accelerated rush of hardcore rave. It’s a deeply personal selection of music, pieced together from rare and obscure 12”s discovered over the years and finally reaped from Raime’s wants-list after haranguing owners of decent copies, and shelling out for them in the process.

The tracklisting remains under wrap, but we’re told that it prioritises overlooked gems at the expense of well-known classics.

“This time they go a layer deeper, strafing the shadows of jungle’s seminal phase to highlight relatively unknown tunes that were nonetheless quintessential to the style, and which, more than anything, tick all the the right boxes in Raime’s rigorous quality test,” the label explains.

If This Is A Dream, I Don’t Ever Want To Wake Up is available now on tape only.