RAMP Recordings is launching a new sub-label, PTN, which promises to focus more intently on the house and funky sounds coming out of the UK right now. The first release is the debut EP from Welsh producer Doc Daneeka (pictured), which includes tracks that have been given big ups from the likes of Brackles and Martyn over the past few months. Hot on the heels of Doc D’s initiation is the latest from Hackman, another one of the more exciting young producers to emerge from the funky scene.

Doc Daneeka’s Deadly Rhythm EP comes out May 24.


a1. Deadly Rhythm
a2. Dizzeeheights
b3. Bumble Bee Rhythm
b4. Swine Flu

Hackman’s latest comes out June 7.


a1. More Than Ever
a2. Nobody Minds
b3. Gutterflower
b4. Dusk