Phoebé Guillemot (a.k.a RAMZi) will release a new album, Phobiza Vol. 3: Amor Fati, via her own FATi Records this summer. 

The 11-track release will complete her Phobiza series, the first part of which—Dia—came out in 2016 on Total Stasis; while Vol. 2: Noite came out last year on Mood Hut. Phobiza “refers to Ibiza, but it’s also an island,” she explained in a recent interview with Resident Advisor. “There’s a mythology, but I shouldn’t talk too much about it… I created a topographic map of the RAMZi world, and it’s still in progress—I want to design it more and then show that world in detail.” 

We’re told that Amor Fati guides us “through the arcane archipelago that RAMZi calls home, a place where animals, children, and wild spirits share territories and cooperate in harmony in their plight to protect these ancient islands from the ceaseless threat of the Great Grey Invasion.” 

The LP features contributions from Asael Robitaille, Regularfantasy, and Hashman Deejay. 


A1. Bibwel Intro feat. Asael 

A2. Ya Chaki 

A3. Piton 

A4. Sunshini 

A5. Mui Chubbi 

A6. Det Calash feat. Regularfantasy 

B1. Tourtou 

B2. Evora 

B3. Coeur Cassé 

B4. Oxum 

B5. Warhasu feat. Hashman Deejay 

Phobiza Vol. 3: Amor Fati will arrive this summer, with clips streaming below.