Rane has introduced two new DJ mixers today: the rotary-based MP2015 and the Sertao-ready TTM57mkII.

First, the MP2015 mixer (pictured at top) is said to be “born from a legacy of rotary club mixers beginning in 1971,” with the design of the resulting unit having included input from a list of venerable selectors including Gerd Janson, Ben UFO, Martyn, Anthony Parasole, Dixon, Tim Sweeney, and Efdemin, among others. The new mixer in many ways aims to bridge classic rotary DJ mixers with the functions of modern DJ tools, and includes studio-quality phono preamps, three-way-swept filters, a three-band main mix isolator (with adjustable crossover points), and dual 24-channel USB sound cards among its many useful features. A full introduction to the impressive unit and a rundown of its full feature set can be found here. The MP2015 rotary mixer is expected to begin hitting stores later this month, with an MSRP of $2199 (though a lower “street price” is expected for the unit).

In addition to the MP2015, Rane has today introduced its TTM57mkII mixer (pictured directly above), a device made specifically for Serato-based DJs. Essentially an update to its Ttm57SL mixer (an industry-standard for Serato DJs), the TTM57mkII boasts updated controls, new RGB-backlit pads, and dual USB 2.0 audio/MIDI ports. Rane’s full introduction to the new mixer—and a rundown of its notable improvements and features—can be found here. The TTM57mkII is expected to hit stores in late March with an MSRP of $2199 (though, again, a lower “street price” is expected for the unit).