Today, Rane announced that it will continue to redefine the mixer by bridging the gap between classic rotary mixers and modern DJ tools with its new two-channel rotary mixer, the MP2014. This announcement of the Mp2014 represents the perfect marriage of a high-quality rotary control surface with state-of-the-art digital signal processing and dual 16-channel USB sound cards. The mixer features an essential assortment of analog and digital I/O supports mixing vinyl, CDs, and USB streaming audio in any combination.

The mixer comes with two phono preamps, three-way swept-filters and a three-band, steep 24dB/octave main mix Isolator with adjustable crossover points. The MP2014 provides the same quality, aesthetics, and high-resolution audio as the MP2015 in an elegant and portable design.

Strikingly different and beautiful to look at, the MP2014 sports a new compact size and shape for a rotary mixer, with all controls selected, designed and located for effortless professional performance playback. Its size makes it portable and easy to move about.

The two-channel MP2014 uses the same platform as Rane’s MP2015, which is the new worldwide standard for four-channel rotary mixers. Both are no-compromise music-mixing machines.

MP2014 Features:
2-deck mixing, with additional USB aux / session input.
2 aux line inputs, with 1 on each channel.
3 stereo playback and 5 stereo record channels on each USB port.
Mic input has FX loop assign switch.

For more information and to order the MP2014, visit the Rane website.