Ion Ludwig will debut on Raresh’s Metereze label with his new EP, A Better Future to Long

The three-track EP, out on vinyl in August, is made of three cuts, each “building momentum around an obsessive pattern, meant to anchor the listener into the here and now.” “140KM:h” comes with a dusty acid feel and stretches over the whole A side.  Title track “A Better Future to Long” is a dark tint of stripped techno, and closer “Abstracy” is a lo-fi strip filled with a rolling bassline. 

The EP is Metereze’s 12th release, and follows outings from Arapu, Melodie, John Dimas, Dubtil, and more. 

A Better Future to Long EP lands August 13, with clips below.

For more information on Ludwig, read our full-length feature here.  


01. 140KM:h

02. A Better Future to Long

03. Abstracy