LA’s prolific craftsman of blunted, spacey beats, Ras G has unexpectedly dropped Raw Fruit Vol. 2, a new cassette made up of cuts hastily fashioned on his “SP303/404 and MPC 2000XL.” Following the release of the series’ first volume last spring, Raw Fruit Vol. 2 is said to come with the same agenda; the 15-track tape is described by Ras G as a “blunt-smoking, green-drink-sippin’ beat adventure made at my SpaceBase for I&I to vibe out to.”

The latest edition of Raw Fruit is out now via Leaving/Stones Throw in both casette and digital forms. A full preview of opening cut “GMO Hoes” can be streamed below, where the album’s full tracklist is also included; snippets of the rest of beat tape can be heard via Stones Throw here. In addition to the release of Raw Fruit Vol. 2, Ras G also says that volumes three and four of the series are already “done and ready to go,” and can be expected to drop sometime in the not-so-distant future.

01 GMO Hoes
02 Los Angeles Remix
03 Hyksos Invaders (SP 303)
04 PullOut!!!! (MPC 2000 XL)
05 SuperBad!!!! (MPC 2000 XL)
06 HowCanBESeeeee (SP 303)
07 Big Boooty Ahtay (MPC 2000 XL)
08 Altered States (SP 404)
09 Wreka Sto… (MPC 2000 XL)
10 Spooky Shit… (MPC 2000 XL)
11 Veggie Thugs Anthem (SP 404)
12 Marvin Got the Trees (Interlude)
13 Dynamite Smoke… (MPC 2000 XL)
14 Money (MPC 2000 XL)
15 Oju Ntru (SP 303)