Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program—the project of Gregory Shorter, Jr.—will release Dance of The Cosmos on Los Angeles-based Akashik Records on February 22. The LP will see a digital launch across streaming platforms, with vinyl pressings also available. 

Dance of The Cosmos was recorded at Ras_G’s studio Spacebase 2912 in South Central, LA and was mastered by DJ Nobody at the Cosmic Zoo. We’re told that the music is an excursion from previous works yet conceptually and poetically the messaging remains rooted in the ethos of his legacy. 

Akashik Records elaborates: “Ras_G utilizes his signature palette to draw the connection between the four on the floor tabernacle of Chicago house music and its roots in the drum circles of ancient Afrika. Like a subwoofer booming through constellations of space synths and sampled textures, Dance of the Cosmos weaves commentary on the Black Diaspora while also accommodating a condensed, high energy excursion beyond the ionosphere into realms only conceivable by the man himself, RAS_G.

The album follows last year’s Stargate Music LP on Leaving Records. 

Ahead of the release, you can stream “Harambee 2 The Sun” below with pre-order here


01. Dance of the Cosmos

02. Long Gone

03. Harambee 2 the Sun

04. Great Black Music

05. Push It Along