Blunted space cadet and prolific beatmaker Ras G has announced his next full-length album of interstellar noise and cosmic hip-hop will be touching down on Earth next month via UK imprint Ramp. Appropriately called Down 2 Earth, Ras G’s new LP will feature 21 tracks with such priceless titles as “(((Shrooms))),” “I Love The 90s Hip Hop,” and “Crush On A Earthling,” and is said to “bring back his signature speaker popping, space-flecked instrumental hip-hop.” Ramp will drop the record on July 25, but you can check out the artwork and tracklist for Down 2 Earth now, below.

1. D2E Intro
2. Hey Baby!!!!
3. Diiirrrtttty
4. (((Shrooms)))
5. I Love The 90s Hip Hop
6. Crenshaw Bus
7. One 4 DB – I SEE
8. That`s Fly
9. Filth Factor ’98
10. Leave!!!!!!!
11. Bobby Speak
12. Black Dusty Radio
13. 40 Bus
14. 303 Vs Tell-Lie-Vision
15. Peace (Saalaam)
16. Change
17. Crush On A Earthling
18. Interlude
19. Fatcat
20. Interlude
21. Harlem Negus