Rawkus Records–the legendary label that pulled indie hip-hop from its mid-‘90s slump by championing the careers of Company Flow, Jurassic 5, and Mos Def–is ready to discover the genre’s next generation.

The label is inviting submissions from unknown (but prolific) producers, 50 of whom will be selected and touted collectively as the Rawkus 50. Chosen ones will receive extensive promotion through showcases, magazine ads, blogs, podcasts, and more.

“This is such a great opportunity for both artist and label,” says founder Jarret Myer. “There are so many talented artists with substance and a do it yourself spirit that deserve a larger promotional outlet.” 

With that in mind, a minimum of 10 mastered tracks must be submitted, and artists must have a solid Internet presence (ie: popular MySpace and YouTube pages). Although the label will promote anyone chosen to participate, those who come on to the project will remain fully independent and free to sign with any other label they desire.

Submissions should be sent to music@rawkus.com, to the attention of Slopfunkdust, with “Rawkus 50” in the subject line. Submissions over 10Megs should be send via yousendit.com.