Earlier this week, the folks at Red Bull Music Academy ended months of speculation and began notifying the thousands of artists who applied for this year’s Academy in Tokyo whether or not they had been accepted. Although more than 6000 artists hoped to get in, only 60 were selected, and today, RBMA unveiled the complete list of this year’s participants to the public. Those chosen represent 34 different countries and a wide variety of musical styles. Some of the names will surely be familiar to regular XLR8R readers, while others may be entirely unknown to everyone except their closest friends. This year’s Academy will take place from October 12 to November 14, and will once again be broken into a pair of two-week sessions with 30 participants each. All 60 participants have been listed below, along with a link where readers can discover more of their music.

Ah! Kosmos (Turkey)

Albino Sound (Japan)

Alejandro Paz (Chile)

Arenov (Kazakhstan)

Bienoise (Italy)

Blinky Bill (Kenya)

Boody (United States)

Bosaina (Egypt)

Brigitte Laverne (Spain)

Cat500 (United States)

Christian Kroupa (Slovenia)

Courtesy (Denmark)

Daniel Limaverde (Brazil)

Deltatron (Peru)

Deradoorian (United States)

Douchka (France)

Ekali (Canada)

Estii / Yale (Australia)

Felix (France)

Haioka (Japan)

Ipek Gorgun (Turkey)

Kadhja Bonet (United States)

King Bruce (South Africa)

Krizzli (Switzerland)

La Mverte (France)

Lafawndah (France)

LAO (Mexico)

Larry Gus (Italy)

Laura J Martin (United Kingdom)

Lewis Cancut (Australia)

Mickey de Grand IV (United States)

Mickey Dripping (United Kingdom)

Mimu Merz (Austria)


Mumdance (United Kingdom)

Never Sol (Czech Republic)

Nightfeelings (United States)

Nischay Parekh (India)

NV (Russia)

Olefonken (Norway)

Ossie (United Kingdom)

Palms Trax (Germany)

Parachute Pulse (United Kingdom)

Plasma Rüby (Argentina)

rj (Germany)

Sapphire Slows (Japan)

Silva (Brazil)

Sonnenberg (Poland)

Summer (Australia)

SUMORAI (Sweden)

Sylas (United Kingdom)

Tollcrane (Pakistan)

Torus (Netherlands)

Uio Loi (United States)

Valesuchi (Chile)

Watercolours (New Zealand)

WIFE (United Kingdom)

Xosar (Germany)

Zebra Katz (United States)

Zopelar (Brazil)