Customizable online radio is nothing new to Generation Web 2.0, but we were certainly set aglow when offered a chance to try out this new music service. Rdio is a website/application that takes the ideas of Pandora and to a new level of personalized listening. Users can stream an ever-growing mass of full albums via Rdio’s website, their personal desktops, or their mobile devices as often as they please, while always retaining the ability to create and share their own playlists from any tunes available through the service. Downloads are also available through Rdio, as well as the option to review music, check up on your friends to see what kind of crazy stuff they’ve been listening to, and share your own favorite tracks, albums, and playlists via your social network of choice. Truthfully, you can’t find everything you want, but the folks running Rdio seem to know quite a bit about what’s going on in both the realms of classic favorites and fresh new albums. They were also kind enough to offer our readers a chance to preview the site for free. Just click here, and be transported to a new world of music made available just as soon as you can think of it.