Real Lies are a three-piece London-based electronic group formed in 2012. They release their debut album, titled Real Life, in 2015; while more recently they shared “The Checks,”—”a gritty, rave-empowered return” according to Clash Magazine—via their own Unreal imprint. Up next is a collaboration with Tom Demac on Kompakt, scheduled for September release. 

Ahead of this, the trio have shared an “UNREAL” remix of “The Checks,” available to download now via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 

“Every tune we make goes through several different versions before we settle on the anointed one we decide to actually release. “The Checks” was our first new tune for two-and-a-half years, since our debut album came out, and in the interests of not wanting to wait till the long, hot winter of 2021 before releasing more music, we’ve decided to be less militant with what we let people hear. This remix of “The Checks” is a version that got released in a parallel universe. It bangs in a different way to the original and we didn’t want to hold it back.” — Real Lies