The good people at Red Bull have teamed up with German audio software developers Stereomusik Systems to create an incredibly in-depth app for DJing with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The Red Bull BPM app comes in a variety of forms depending on one’s device and desired use, whether you’re an amateur who simply wants to be prepared to throw down hot fire straight from your iPhone at a moment’s notice or the more professional DJ who needs a larger surface and instant access to a host of DJ tools. The app works rather intuitively for those with any experience behind the wheels of steel, and mimics the traditional DJ set-up of two decks and a mixer, except on a screen that you can touch. It’s also loaded with the necessary tools to craft a top-shelf mix such as the usual effects (echo, reverb, flange, lo-fi, and filter, which can all be tap-tempo controlled), four unique cue points per track, pitch control, and an automatic beat sync feature. Alright, alright, so the obvious question forming in any audio geek’s head is, “How good of audio quality can you really get from an iPad?” Not to worry—Red Bull has provided six different output modes that utilize WLAN, Bluetooth, or a special audio Split Adapter to use the app’s 32-bit sound engine which supports AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3, AIFF, or WAV. Red Bull BPM is available now through iTunes (there’s even a free Lite version for those who wish to test it out) and you can head here for the full details on the app.

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