The Red Bull Music Academy just wrapped its 10-year anniversary event in Barcelona, Spain, but the organizers of the globetrotting music event/workshop are already gearing up for the next edition, and have announced London as the destination for RBMA 2010.

The multi-day event will take place from February 7 to March 12 of that year, but those dates aren’t as far away as you may think. The application process kicks off on May 11, 2009, so anyone wanting to learn more about music gear and DJing, talk shop about tunes, and guzzle large quantities of the famous energy drink should get those demo CDs—which can be original productions, songs or DJ sets—in the works. Successful applicants will be flown to London at the time of the next RBMA to participate.

More details to follow soon. Here’s a little inspiration to get those demos started.

Pictured: Studio engineer Russ Elevado giving a talk on analog recording at RBMA Barcelona.