Architectural two new releases on the way.

Juan Rico (a.k.a. Reeko) debuted his Architectural alias in 2010, via his label of the same name. Since, the spaced-out sounds that he pushes via the project have ended up on Semantica and PoleGroup too.

His next release as Architectural will be Cubismo—a five-track EP of raw, minimalist techno, based around the ideology and production techniques of the artistic movement from which it borrows its name. It will be followed by a seven-track LP, Metropolitan Opera, which ” possesses heavy, cinematic soundscapes that utilize nuanced and highly intricate sound design devoid of driving techno-driven interludes.”

Cubismo will be released on December 9, 2016, followed by Metropolitan Opera on January 27, 2017. Stream snippets from Cubismo below.


A1 Cubismo 8.1
A2 Cubismo 8.2 (Lost in Buenos Aires)
B1 Cubismo 8.3
B2 Cubismo 8.4 (Lost in Buenos Aires II)

Metropolitan Opera
A1 1a#Opera (Intro)
A2 2a#Opera
A3 3a#Opera
A4 4a#Opera
B1 5a#Opera
B2 6a#Opera
B3 7a#Opera