Veteran techno producer Regis and artisanal eyewear company KUBORAUM have come together to curate a limited edition CD of unreleased tracks, melding a sound and style that strikes at the very heart of the Berlin techno scene.

Hailing from Birmingham, Downwards label head and mainstay of the late Sandwell District collective, Karl O’Connor (aka. Regis), has played an instrumental role in shaping the underground techno scene since the early 1990s. Despite this fact, he has largely kept to the shadows. The release of The Immortal Eye, which features five rigid and industrial soundscapes handpicked by Regis, is shrouded in darkness, featuring tracks from Oake, Autumns, Talker, Grebenstien_Bauner and Antonym, all who seem to possess a knack for the dark and the experimental.��The release of the album coexists with KUBORAUM “mask C7” (which can be seen below).

Regis and KUBORAUM will also be premiering a sound installation at Berlin Atonal Festival at the KUBORAUM flagship store. The exhibition, “where sounds and masks share a unique space and vision,” will run from 5:30 – 7:30 on August 21. You can check out some snippets of the album below and take a look at the radically modish and unique masks made by KUBORAUM here.