Rejoicer (a.k.a. Yuvi Havkin) has today shared a new animated video for “Purple T-Shirts” feat. Mnsdgn, the latest track from his forthcoming Energy Dreams LP landing later this month via Stones Throw Records

Havkin is a musician and producer who splices together funk, hip-hop, breakbeats, and jazz rhythms. He’s most well-known for helping cultivate Israel’s modern beat movement, and for fostering a community of international artists who contribute to his Tel-Aviv based-label Raw Tapes. 

Energy Dreams‘ name, track titles and visuals—created by Yuvi’s Raw Tapes co-founder Guy Glikshtein (a.k.a Jengo)—draw on the psychedelia of spiritual jazz, and are inspired by visions Yuvi saw in a series of lucid dreams shortly after recording the album. 

The “Purple T-Shirts” video continues to carry the album’s themes of the relationship between dream states and conscious states, this time focusing on the fluidity of time perception and its challenging playfulness. The video started off with a simple idea of treating a still image as moving images in time, replacing still elements with short-looped, seamless animations. Blurring the lines between beginning and end, with each element corresponding to a different instrument both in-sync and out, the linearity of time is slowly redefined. The moment is both perceived as ephemeral and timeless.” — Guy Glikshtein


01. Cloud of Me

02. High on Star Dance

03. Double Astral Move

04. Yesterday’s Forest Magic feat. Sefi Zisling

05. Purple T Shirts feat. Mndsgn

06. Alien Sphere

07. Neo Drive Knows You

08. Changa Cold Change

09.Lucid Intent feat. Nitai Hershkovits

10. Ancient Energy Search feat. Nomok

11. Rings of There 

Energy Dreams LP will land on August 31 via Stones Throw, with “Purple T-Shirts” feat. Mnsdgn streaming in full via the player below.