Rob Hampton (a.k.a. DJ Spider) is set to release an EP via Radio Slave‘s Rekids this June.

New Jersey’s DJ Spider has been pumping out house and techno records at a quick rate since 2008, with EPs arriving on BleeD, Vanguard Sound! and his own Sublevel Sounds this year already. Having initially confined his output mostly to Sublevel and its parent Plan B Recordings (alongside the likes of Hakim Murphy, Amir Alexander and co-owner Dakini9), things have gone more international for Spider in the past few years, with his records turning up on the likes of The Trilogy Tapes, NORD and Killekill. His next effort will be through Rekids, the label run by Matt Edwards (a.k.a. Radio Slave).

Ninja Drive-By will hit stores on June 17. Check out snippets from his most recent effort on BleeD below for a taste of what he can do.