Repitch Recordings will celebrate five years with a compilation.

Techno imprint Repitch is run by Berlin-based Italians Shapednoise, Ascion and D. Carbone. In celebration of its fifth anniversary, the label heads have pulled together a selection of former contributors and producers who have inspired them over the years, for a heavyweight 16-track compilation.

The release’s intentionally ambivalent title, Dys Functional Electronic Music, is a nod to Repitch’s musical identity, “often deviating from norms or distancing itself from common club functionalism.” Aside from a handful of contributions from the label owners, regulars Mike Parker, Gaja, AnD, and Sote also chime in. Pinch and The Zenker Brothers offer some dub-infused atmospherics, alongside cuts from Skudge and Nuel.

Dys Functional Electronic Music will drop March 16.


A1. Pinch “No Justice PT2
A2. Ascion “Getaway
A3. Nuel “Biopunk
B1. Galaxian “Show of Force
B2. Drvg Cvltvre “Dead And Gone”
C1. Shapednoise “0.1dbhisdoi’fioa”
C2. Chris Moss Acid “Catacid
C3. AnD “TT2
D1. Gaja “Any Expectations
D2. The Exaltics “Vierundvierzig”
D3. Sote “Operor”
E2. Mike Parker “Ilium_Curve”
E3. Ascion & D. Carbone “Dritte”
F1. Zenker Brothers “Perainer”
F2. D. Carbone “Comma Wave”