Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer (a.k.a Vilod) have remixed Javiera González‘ “The Beat Is On,” the second release in her ongoing collaboration with Tobias Freund.

The release marks Chilean singer’s second 12″ with Freund, following on from 2015’s 12″ Meet Me Twice, which came out on Freund’s Non Standard Productions label.

The original cut was recorded between Santiago de Chile and Berlin, with vocals (improvised in one take) by Javiera González, and music by Freund.

On the B-side, Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer deconstruct Freund’s arrangement, before reshaping and elongating it to fit their “Vilodian” framework.

It will be released on London-based Foom.


01. The Beat Is On
02. The Beat Is On (Vilod Version)

The Beat Is On EP is scheduled for July 14 release, with the title track streamable in full below.