Coming soon via Japan’s Endless Flight label are a couple of records paying tribute to pioneering Krautrock trio Moebius, Plank, Neumeier. The band was renowned for its 1983 album Zero Set, which blended the ideas of Krautrock with modern synth sounds and fresh genres of the time, and two of the members, Dieter Moebius and Mani Neumeier, followed that record up 24 years later with a sequel dedicated to the memory of Conny Plank, who died of cancer in 1987, called Zero Set II. From II comes the material reworked for the records to be released via Endless Flight. Minimal-techno icon Ricardo Villalobos takes the album’s opening track, “Mango Solo,” and turns it into a 33-minute opus spread across two sides of vinyl. The other record comes courtesy of Balearic/Kraut/disco experimentalist Prins Thomas (pictured above), who transforms Moebius & Neumeier’s “Jiro” into his own lengthy track split in two parts. Moebius & Neumeier Zero Set II Reconstruct Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 will be released some time next month.