Ricardo Villalobos and Umho have collaborated on a new EP together as Ricmho.

Chilean DJ-producer Felipe Venegas has welcomed fellow countrymen Villalobos and Luis Ordenes (a.k.a. Umho) to his label, Drumma Records, in celebration of its fifth anniversary. Two-tracker Melo De Melo, which clocks in at just over 30 minutes in length,is their first release together. While the pair collaborate on the long and winding A-side “Por Suerte,” Villalobos takes the reigns in a solo capacity for its title track.

The duo have shared a friendship of over 20 years, though Melo De Melo marks their first official release together. It will be the 15th record to come out of the Drumma stables, joining a catalog that features music from the likes of Livio & Roby and Julian Perez.

Melo De Melo is set to drop on December 6. Stream snippets below.


01. Ricardo Villalobos & Umho “Por Suerte”
02. Ricardo Villalobos “Melo De Melo”