The next release on Zip and Marcus Nicolai’s Perlon label comes from Chez Damier and Ben Vedren (H2H) with a Ricardo Villalobos remix.

The Conspiracy EP—Perlon 113—is the label’s first release of 2017 and follows after a busy 2016 which featured releases from Spacetravel, Maayan Nidam, Binh, and Alter Mahnn, the collaborative project of Ion Ludwig and Frank Greiner.

In advance of the release, XLR8R spoke with Ben Vedren to learn more about the H2H project and the release.

What are the origins of the H2H project?

H2H means “heart to heart,” the invisible connection from one’s heart to another.
We choose that name to define the vibration, a strong energy connection we discovered that we have with Chez since the very first time we have met, four years ago. But it is actually impossible to put words on it.

During those years, we would meet around every three to four months here at my studio in Paris, exploring that energy and use it for our own musical purposes. And also mostly to having fun together in that process.

How did the EP come about? What’s the story behind it?

The more we were progressing, the necessity of making an album (and also a live show) appeared to us, because it would tie up the project. Another important aspect in H2H, is bringing other artists in our journey, musician and even non-musicians to record with us.

Since we both have a deep respect for Ricardo, we decided to send him an invitation to feature on a track for the album. And, as you can see, that would not end up the way though. It was never on our mind to make a Perlon out of it, until Zip came around at the end of the session day at Ricardo’s studio, saying with a big smile, “Hey guys, where do you plan to release this?”

But for me, despite the record and all the enjoyment that came with making it, seeing Chez and Ricardo meeting again after more than 20 years (Ricardo invited Chez for his very first gig in Berlin, 22 years ago) was something really special and very beautiful to watch for me.

When we’re the tracks produced?

The tracks were recorded in Berlin at Ricardo’s studio the last December during two days.


A1. H2H “No More” (Villalobos Remix)
A2. Villa H2H “Conspiracy One”
B1. Villa H2H “Conspiracy Two”
B2. Villa H2H “Conspiracy Three”

Perlon will release Conspiracy on May 19, with clips available here.