Most editions of London club Fabric’s compilation series are comprised of standout tracks from various DJs record crates, but Ricardo Villalobos–who has the honor of compiling number 36 for the series–has taken a different approach. Using his own tracks exclusively, the techno authority is offering a Fabric mix that actually acts as an album presented in a DJ mix format.

“[Fabric 36] is all my productions, and it’s a form of introducing an album as a mix,” says Villalobos, who has compiled both new material for this project, as well as collaborative tracks with the likes of Jorge Gonzalez and Fumiya Tanaka. “Every time you do an album, and then you do the next one, people start to compare how the music is different, why you did it on this label and not that label. They try to define it.” 

Fabric 36 as mix will no doubt employ the same subtle, mind-oriented grooves the producer is known for. Bringing in a brighter Latin influence, Villalobos is openly moving into the next phase of techno awareness, and perhaps a new direction for Fabric’s series.

Fabric 36: Ricardo Villalobos is out October 7, 2007 on Fabric.

1. Groove 1880
2. Perc and Drums
3. Moongomery
4. Farenzer House
5. M.Bassy Feat. Patrick Ense
6. Mecker
7. 4 Wheel Drive Feat. Jorge Gonzales
8. Fizpatrick Feat. Patrick Ense
9. Andruic & Japan Feat. Andrew Gillings
10. Organic Tranceplant
11. Prevorent
12. Fumiyandric 2 Feat. Fumiya Tanaka
13. Won’t You Tell Me
14. Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano
15. Chropuspel Zündung