Get Physical will soon release a remix EP featuring two Ricardo Villalobos remixes of Reboot‘s “Are You Loosing My Mind,” taken from his recent album aLIVE.

The original, included here, is a dubby and ever-evolving track with intricate little sounds, slinky synths, and organic textures all run through with intoxicating vocal samples and waify keys. Ricardo Villalobos then serves up two remixes


1. Reboot “Are You Losing My Mind” (Ricardo Villalobos Hauswiedermischung)
2. Reboot “Are You Losing My Mind” (Ricardo Villalobos Losing My Miles Remix)
3. Reboot “Are You Losing My Mind”

Are You Loosing My Mind (Ricardo Villalobos remixes) is scheduled for April 7 release, with Villalobos’ Hauswiedermischung rework streamable below.