Los Angeles-based sound artist Richard Chartier will release Central (for M.Vainio) via his Line imprint on April 20.

The two-track release will be Chartier’s first of 2018, following on from last year’s Removed LP on Ash International and a two-hour collaborative piece alongside Eleh on Line. Central (for M.Vainio) is a homage to the work of the late Mika Vainio, a hugely influential artist in electronic music and one of Chartier’s biggest inspirations, as he explains:

“I think about the work of Mika Vainio almost every day since his sudden and untimely passing on April 12, 2017.

His work as one half of Pan Sonic and his solo work under his own name and as Ø and Philus were and are incredibly influential to me. It was partly one of the reasons I began working with sound again in 1997 after stopping for almost 4 years, central to the evolution of my own listening.

His sounds and arrangements were always elusive, otherworldly, unreal, strange, unsettling, often abrasive, and at the same time expressed a sheer unrelenting beauty. They seem to represent a push and pull between states, warmth, and cold, silence and fury, future and past, life and death.

I was fortunate enough to perform with and for him (in the audience) and despite his being a man of very select words, to share conversations with him. The prospect of a new release by Mika always thrilled me. I am still saddened to think that there will not be more of his work to be heard each year.

These two pieces pay homage to Mika and the subtle and unquiet gifts he gave all listeners.”

In support of the forthcoming release, Chartier has offered up a full stream of the title track, a haunting 44-minute drone piece, available via the player below.

You can pre-order the full release here.

Photo: Robert Eckhardt, 2018