San Francisco’s Superior Viaduct has reissued Iceland, the third solo album of early electronic pioneer Richard Pinhas, on vinyl for the first time. 

Originally released in 1979, Iceland further explores Pinhas’ unique arrangement of delay-ridden electric guitar, sequenced machine rhythms, and analog synthesizer layers that began with his 1977 solo LP, Rhizosphere. Iceland was his most ambient and electronically submerged album upon release, giving the world a window into what would come forth through the ’80s as he fully transitioned away from the body of work created in progressive rock band Heldon. 

The new vinyl reissue includes the previously unreleased “Wintermusic,” an immersive 25-minute ambient piece of radiant synthesizer recorded in 1983 that sits perfectly with the sonic aesthetic of Iceland

The 2LP reissue of Iceland is available now via Superior Viaduct. 


01. Iceland (Part 1)

02. Iceland (Part 2)

03. The Last Kings Of Thule (Part 1)

04. Iceland (Part 3)

05. Indicatif Radio

06. The Last Kings Of Thule (Part 2)

07. Short Transition

08. Greenland

09. Wintermusic