Currently in the midst of their CONTAKT tour, which revolves around the mysterious cube we wrote about last month, Richie Hawtin and his Minus crew will make a stopover in Barcelona (with the cube) for this year’s Sonar Festival.

Hawtin claims that each of the parties on the CONTAKT tour will be “something different than the average techno party that everyone has become accustomed to,” and with Sonar being the European mecca of electronic music, we expect an extra special event to unfold there. Canons of confetti anyone? Time machines? Whatever the surprises in store, Magda, Troy Pierce, Hearttthrob, Gaiser, and Marc Houle, along with Hawtin, will be blurring the lines between the DJ set and the live performance on Friday, June 20 at Sonar By Night.

Yes, the cube will be in attendance as well, near the stage.

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