Do people give iPhone apps away for Christmas? Maybe they do, we don’t know, but if so, we’ve got a pretty solid one here that you may want to give to your closest music-nerd buddy for the holidays. Our minimal man Richie Hawtin (a.k.a. Plastikman) has another nifty gadget in the works, which will be ready for you to fiddle with next month. Remiix: Plastikman Replikants is a brand-new iPhone and iPad app developed by Hawtin and the fine folks over at Liine. As the press release states, “Remiix is part of this natural progression of immersing the audience further into the spectacle, an opportunity for music fans to interact with, manipulate, and remix both classic Plastikman material and newer reinterpretations.” With spliced elements of Hawtin’s music (much of which is likely to also be heard on his forthcoming Arkives box set) and a slew of EQ settings and special effects, iPhone and iPad owners can tweak their favorite Plastikman tracks however and whenever they please. Expect more artists to be featured in the Remiix app in the future, as well.